The pedicled temporoparietal fascial flap

Enrique Perez, Cima Maliakal, Christine T Dinh, Zoukaa B Sargi

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The pedicled temporoparietal fascial flap has played a role in reconstructive strategies for defects of the head and neck for well over a century. Although partially succeeded by more recent microvascular free tissue transfer techniques, this well-vascularized and pliable flap has remained an important tool in the reconstruction of locoregional defects of the temporal bone, orbitomaxillary complex, and anterior skull base. Furthermore, with little donor site morbidity and relative ease of harvest this flap is likely to remain a key tool in the reconstructive armamentarium of head and neck and skull base surgeons. In this article we review the anatomy, operative technique, potential complications, and applications of the pedicled temporoparietal fascial flap.


  • Pedicled flap
  • Skull base reconstruction
  • Temporoparietal fascia
  • Temporoparietal flap

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  • Surgery
  • Otorhinolaryngology


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