Bleb rupture following filtering surgery with mitomycin-C: Clinicopathologic correlations

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A 91-year-old woman with a complete rupture of her mitomycin-C filtration bleb associated with eye rubbing while crying was examined. An 18- mm soft contact lens was placed preoperatively to reform the anterior chamber and the patient underwent a conjunctival advancement. Histopathology of the free conjunctival specimen revealed a stratified squamous epithelium with marked attenuation of the subepithelial tissue in the area treated with mitomycin-C. Bleb rupture may be associated with minimal physical trauma following guarded filtration surgery. Successful visual rehabilitation is possible with conjunctival advancement, yet long-term survival of the bleb is poor.

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JournalOphthalmic Surgery and Lasers
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StatePublished - Oct 1 1996

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